History of the Cathedral


Bishop Aetios raised the first of the cathedral in Pachoras (Faras), most probably on the ruins of an earlier religious sanctuary.


The Faras cathedral started to be rebuilt in the office of Bishop Paulos; the oldest murals in the building date from the 8th century.

Biskup Kolluthos plastered the walls of the cathedral and started a new painting program inside the building.

Bishop Petros rebuilt the complex, replacing the flat roofing with brick vaulting and domes supported on piers and commissioning a new set of wall paintings. Work on the mural decoration program continued under bishops Ioannes and Marianos (1005).

Weakened by raids of Mamluk troops from Egypt and internal strife, the Christian kingdom of Makuria collapsed. Christianity was supplanted by Islam in Nubia, the cathedral fell into ruins which were gradually filled with sand.

A Polish archaeological mission, mounted within the framework of an international campaign to save the heritage of Nubia, discovered the ruins of a Christian cathedral with well preserved wall paintings. The discovery was reported by the international media as the “Miracle of Faras”.